Word Vomit Things

The Messy Year

It’s been just about a year of gettin’ messy through this blog.  6k views after the end of the year with over a 1k of those being in December. Is that a huge deal in the blogosphere? Nope.  Is that a big deal in the Danisphere? 100%.

I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes because I just think it’s pretty rad. There were a few months in the year of messy during which time I didn’t post a lot. This small town has taught me a lot, but more than anything it got me back to writing.  Last January I turned to writing out of desperation.  This January I’m turning to it out of passion and excitement.

Recently, there’s been what feels like a massive shift in who I feel I am and the ways in which I am doing this whole life shindig.  Now, my apartment is still messy and life is still inevitably messy but I think there’s something to be said about embracing the mess and not fighting against it.  For a while, I was constantly feeling like I had to ensure anyone new in my life needed to know I was a “hot mess” as I like to describe it.

News flash: everybody’s a mess.  I realized that as I received messages from my friends, letting me know a post I wrote resonated with them.  Just the other day I woke up to a text from somewhere dear to my heart, saying she dove into my posts and that they helped remind her it’s okay to be an imperfect Christian and it’s okay to find God elsewhere.  That. As someone who feels like she’s constantly in a tug of war with God, it feels pretty ridiculous to be able to have some sort of positive impact on someone’s faith. It blows my mind.

There isn’t much to this post except a little bit of a pat on the back after a year of embracing the messiness life inevitably brings us and learning to be okay with not putting on a face.

More than that, though, it’s a big “Thank you” to those of you that have joined me on this journey.  It’s me thanking you for taking time out of your day to sit with me via this blog and read my messy word vomit.  It’s my “Thank you” for texting me saying you liked the post or it resonated with you.

When I was in the sixth grade, so age 11-12, I started writing for The Highland Community News, our local newspaper.  I wrote riveting pieces about the cool things the junior highers were doing over summer or how we lacked school benches at our new junior high.  I’ve spent most of my life writing and while I do think I’ll write something other than word vomit-filled blog posts as my life continues, 12-year-old me is freaking out at the fact that I had over 1k readers in the month of December.  20-year-old me is proud of me for coming back to writing after writing Mom’s blog.  27-year-old me is stoked for what’s next in just about every aspect of her life.

Thanks for hanging out with me a couple times a month via blog post for the past year. It’s been a fun adventure for me and I hope this next year of messy continues to surprise us.




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