Word Vomit Things


So I've gone through a few rough things in my life. "Few" is the term I'd like to highlight here as well as "have gone," meaning it was a temporary time in life. I lost my mom, I ended an engagement, I had a rough end to a relationship after moving across the country to… Continue reading Privileged

Word Vomit Things


This writing shindig is not for views, to share information I feel people might find relevant, to pay my bills, to be able to say, "Look what I accomplished." This writing thing is for 12-year-old Dani who saw her name in a byline for the first time. Revisiting that rather innocent joy reignited a fire, even if it's one I'll have to constantly stoke.  

Word Vomit Things

The Recipe

"...I bet that's what it's like when you're old and grey, sitting with your human on the porch on a warm summer evening as you watch the sun go down. I bet you turn to them, seeing the years you've spent together in the smile lines that permanently frame their eyes and rest along the corners of the lips you've yet to grow tired of kissing."