Welcome to my joy project! I’m Dani.

Let me first start by saying, “Thank you” for taking the time to be here and share this with me.

I am a speech-language pathologist, currently working for a travel company.  Basically, I’m traveling the nation doing the job I love so much.  While I love my job, I love writing in a different way.  It’s best explained as the love you have for your parent versus the love you have for your spouse.  Both love, just different kinds of love.

I have a dog, Rocky.  He is my travel partner and my road dawg.  I adventure around a lot and he is always eager to hop in the car and tag along.

Among those things, I am also a big sister, a daughter, a CrossFitter, a broken-yet-trying Christian, and a moderately cynical hopeless romantic. I haven’t the slightest clue where this wild adventure of life is going but I’m 110% up for the adventure.

I hope these words find your heart and warm it as they resonate with you, speaking words over emotions you’ve felt at various times in your life.  I hope they find you, wrap their comfort around you, and leave you with a soft smile on your face.

My favorite thing about writing is hearing people say, “I felt your words, Dani” and sharing their own experiences.  Most days it brings a smile to my face and some days, tears.  It never fails to warm my heart and lead me back to my keyboard, especially on days when writing feels like it’s going to take every last bit of my soul.

For sharing and coming to me with words of your own, I thank you.  I don’t like vulnerability.  In fact, I’m just not great at it.  Each time you click on the link that takes you here, you’re reassuring me that it is okay to put myself out there, for I’ll be met with only love and support.

Welcome. Enjoy the words, my friend.