Speechie Things

ASHA Leader Article!

Hello all!

I am super excited.  Quite a few months back, I wrote a guest post for American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) blog.  To be honest, I didn’t initially get a response back and figured they didn’t like my post.  Oh well!  Then, just about a week or so ago, I got an email saying that my article was going to be posted!  Not only was it posted, but it was the lead article on the website on its first day up!  I am super proud of this article because it’s about a topic that is dear to my heart.  I am going to try to make more of an effort to post about speechie things on here as well, instead of just utilizing this blog as my personal diary!  Click the link below to give the article a read!

Check it out on ASHA Leader’s blog!



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