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Okay, I’m trying something new.  This is me attempting to have a “series” of sorts because, well, this blog is basically a cluster of random thoughts and rants.  I am trying to have some continuity here.  To preface these posts, I think they’ll work just like my brain does: I’ll have a little something about working out, a little something about work as an SLP, a little something about faith, and probably a little something life/emotions related. Probably one or the other, not all of them.  That’d be a lot and nobody has that kind of time. So still a cluster, just with a title and relatively consistent schedule maybe?  Yeah sure , we’ll go with that.  We can call it controlled chaos. Calendared chaos? Chaos with a schedule? Stay tuned, I guess.

Man, I never blog in the mornings anymore.  Technically it’s like noon my time, but regardless, it’s earlier in the day than it usually is for me.  I woke up and went to the gym to do a FaceTime workout with my handsome guy then came home to walk my handsome pup and now I’m sitting with a cup of coffee in hand, enjoying the relatively gloomy day.  Blogging and coffee is the perfect combination. My quads are tight, my hair is sweaty, my joints are aching.  I took a week off from the gym. I just ran while I was in California and my muscles thanked me for the little break but I craved lifting again.  These workouts back were hard, man. I don’t think I’ve taken that much time off from CrossFit since I started nearly a year ago.

I guess this is a somewhat natural segue into my first point.  Should I segment these posts into bullet points to further organize the inevitable sh*t show that is my blog posts? Maybe that’ll help the reader better identify what I’m actually talking about, so let’s give it a go.

–  “Negative” motivators are not the worst thing in the world.  

Wow! Look at me. I am so organized and now you, the reader, are hopefully following a little easier.  I was listening to a podcast about athlete mentality the other week and the guest, a sports psychologist, was explaining that sometimes we have to go to the “dark place” to become a better athlete.  She began to talk about one of her early CrossFit experiences.  The coach was being encouraging, telling her she could do it and she’s got it.  She explains that she looked up at the coach mid-workout and said, “I need you to talk some shit.” The coach was taken aback, not sure how to respond.  The athlete repeated again that she needed the coach to “talk shit”.  So he did.  She pushed harder. She needed that little bit of negativity to get her through her tough workout.

During grad school, I was a procrastinator mainly because I thrived under a deadline, and well, I still do.  The blog post I wrote for ASHA? I knew about it for at least six weeks but I waited until about 9pm on its deadline to start it, turning it in close to midnight.  I had made efforts to begin the post prior to that but I didn’t feel that pressure.  I like that pressure.

Back to the podcast for a moment.  They discussed one of the greatest CrossFit athletes, Rich Froning.  They explained that one year at the CrossFit games, he did not do well in an event with rope climbs. You know what he crushed the next year at the Games? Rope climbs.  I don’t know what was going on in Froning’s mind during training during that year, but I imagine he wasn’t walking up to the rope saying, “You are strong and capable, Rich. You can do this.” I mean, maybe that was sprinkled in there. I would venture to guess there was some, “Don’t screw this up again. You don’t want to lose that event again.”

I think we have so much about self-love that’s being preached online.  Hell yes, that’s incredibly important.  I think we need to love ourselves and the humans we have been created to be. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of tough love for ourselves as well.  Sure, yes, this can get unhealthy, but that’s how we get more in tune with ourselves.  What is that quote? “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and work in progress, simultaneously.” This is important.  It is important to be where you are now and enjoy it but I also think it’s important to want more.  Sometimes the motivation for “more” comes from a seemingly negative place.  With the right balance, I think this can actually end up being a positive thing.  I frequently have to tell myself to stop whining and buck up, both in life and workouts.  I sit in it for a few, then do the damn thing.

Not every kiddo loves stickers and not every kiddo loves your stickers.  

Don’t take it personally, your stickers just suck.  This was a hard pill for me to swallow.  I freaking love stickers.  I was devastated when one kiddo looked at my stickers and asked, “Where are the batman stickers?”  Okay, rude, I thought to myself.  But ya know, that’s just one kid’s opinion.  Then it happened again.  “Hey bubba, do you want a sticker?” I asked.  The little nugget nodded, peering into my small bucket of stickers.  He sifted through the sheets of stickers for nearly 10 seconds before looking up at me and saying, “no” and handing my stickers back.  Ouch.  Target dollar section stickers are not very impressive to the littles.  Noted.

Do you know how many times I’ve tried a food I don’t like because someone offered it and I didn’t want to be rude? Countless.  As shown by my little ones that aren’t afraid to shoot down some crappy stickers, it’s okay to say “no” to things that don’t excite you.  Ah, if only we had the lack of filter the kiddos do.  I really think the world would be a better place.  Well, that would only work if we all were a little less sensitive, too.  A topic for another day, perhaps.

To sum it all up, I learned this week that’s it’s okay to talk some smack to yourself as long as you build yourself up throughout the process.  I also learned that my stickers suck and I need to not take that personally.  I’ll just blame Target.  Oh man, I can’t do that.  I love Target too much.  That feels wrong.  Anyways, saying “no” to some bad stickers is okay, in fact, it’s encouraged. It’s also encouraged to wrap your head around the fact that your stickers may not be for everyone, and that’s okay too.

This was far less organized than I anticipated.  It still maintains its word vomit theme with very little cohesion but, here it is, regardless.

Oh, if you want to ensure you don’t miss a post, click “Subscribe” and plop in your email address! Okay, now I’m done with this long-winded post.  Thank you for hanging in there with me.  You are appreciated.



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