Weekly Lessons #3

Another weekly post, another self-five.  I think this one will be [relatively] concise.

I am 10 weeks into this 16-week assignment here in IN. The lessons out here keep on coming and I know I’m going to be forever grateful for this time here.  I am not coping well with the idea of leaving and leaving the people I’ve met here. It is a tad too early for my sappy post so I’ll save that for later.  Let’s jump right into this week’s [relatively concise] blog post.

  • Hardwood floors with an awkward, clumsy puppy is the best. Seriously, I can’t tell you all how many times a day I laugh at Rocky attempting to run fast only to fall or slide into the wall.  He’s a big, beautiful klutz.
  • Float tanks are the business. You guys.  I did a float tank today. Maybe that’s why I’m so zen and not feeling like I need to fully purge all of my thoughts and emotions out here on this blog.  It was a weird experience but I loved every moment of it.  I was having a bit of an emotional spiral prior to my float session and I came out after feeling like a new woman.  It like, removed the other stimuli in my life and allowed me to just tune into my thoughts.  It was odd at first and it took me a little while to start enjoying it but once I was able to start relaxing, it was a great experience.  10/10 recommend.
  • My local grocery store doesn’t sell red wine.  But don’t worry, the local liquor store does as does the CVS that’s within walking distance.
  • It’s okay to not be everything for everyone all at once.  You have to put your oxygen mask on first before you assist someone else.  It’s okay to take the time to love on yourself so you can better love on everyone else.

Y’all, I told you it would be concise.  No huge revelations this week.  I still feel like I’m navigating a new life here, but I’m enjoying it more and more as the days pass.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



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